Outsource Accounting & Tax Service

Stop wasting your time and money to build the accounting deparment. TOPA is the best accounting solution for SME. Our service covers all functions of accounting roles, include:

Be responsible for performing and overseeing the basic, day-to-day functions of the company’s accounting department, including receivable accounts, payable accounts, tax preparation and payment, payroll, internal accounting and accounting systems and operations.

Accounting Systems Set-up. Preparation and reporting of financial statements. Financial controls and documented procedures. Focused on and specializes in preparing tax returns and providing insights into all aspects of taxes, including a strategic viewpoint, both short- and long-term tax strategies and tax-related business goals.


Accounting data and financial reports can be accessed and managed on TOPA - The online accounting software. Employees can check the track payroll, advanced money and timesheet online. All data is secured.

Focus on your best to grow your business
and Let us do the accounting speciality with our best!

Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose us to take charge of accounting for your business?
Experienced Specialists

Service is provided by chief accountants who are many years - experienced and a team of well- trained accountants. We all work with professional and enthusiastic attitude.

The First Accounting Service based on The Cloud Accounting System

TOPA is the first accounting service which runs on the cloud accounting software. Collaborating on the online software has ton of advantages. It not only reduces the amount of time on communication but also increases efficiency on works.

Professional & Reliable

Professionalism and reliability are our top two criteria for providing services to customers. The reason is that we understand the importance of accounting for the development of the business

The First All-in-one Solution

Most of the accounting service providers currently focus on taxation. TOPA really is a comprehensive solution to help customers perform all bookkeeping, accounting and taxation tasks with high standard and responsibility.

Vary Fields & Scales Customers

We have the ability to deploy the accounting solution to customers in many fields. Included trade, construction, outsourcing, manufacturing or service companies, technology startup, FDI enterprises.

Not Only About Accounting

We are pioneered in accounting technology development. TOPA system integrates tools to help customers solve their human resource problems, customer relationship management and collaborating on work.

We never stop learning to improve capacity and
provide customers with the best accounting solution
Years developing the accounting solution
Experienced Accountants
Software Engineers
Business Customers
FDI Customers
Cities Covered
“Before using TOPA, our company had to change the employee in the accountant position three times a year, and every time we spent a lot of time, effort to transfer and onboard the new accountant. TOPA offers a great solution, now I don't need to hire accountants anymore and still control the instant cash flow online.”
Mr Duc Tuan
“My company used to use accounting service of another provider, however, this provider only made tax reports and we still had to hire a general accountant. Our company and the service provider take a lot of time to exchange information, documents, synchronize the accounting data. When moving to TOPA solution, all accounting & taxation tasks are done synchronously and accurately, we save up to 50% of cost for accounting and our work are much more effective”
Mr Cong Thanh

The Solution Is Designed For

Our solution is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses which active in listed fields bellow.

Information technology, software development, software outsourcing companies

Innovative start-ups, technology companies

Service companies such as communication & advertising,training & education, marketing agency, human resource agency, law firm, ...

Construction and interior companies


Companies which have foreign investment

Companies which have production in small and medium scale